January 2013

Patricia Miles has done quite a few projects for me, she is very professional, prompt, does an excellent job, economical, very neat and clean, meets time lines, goes above and beyond, Patricia decorated the exterior of my house for Christmas when I had asked for painting the inside, it looked so lovely when I came home, I would recommend her to anyone.

Patricia painted the whole lower level of my duplex, colours complimented my Canadiana art work, did the decorating, hung art work, arranged it, hung curtains, and purchased the rods and curtains for me, arranged the furniture, I never have time or have the talent to pick out the colours and style that look good together, it looks great now, like a magazine. I have received many compliments.

Also on the exterior in the spring, beautiful flagstone work, the deck and a gazebo, pathways and gardens, now I can really enjoy the yard, flower gardens and veggie too.

She also painted, patched and fixed up another home I have from top to bottom, it looks like new again, it had been rented for 4 years, clean, fresh, excellent workmanship.


A very satisfied happy customer


Patricia Miles is very talented, creative crafts person. Not only talented but she is a very efficient producer of decorating solutions. I have contracted her to do a variety of decorating jobs for me. Her talent and performance is exemplary.

Yours truly,

Lorne D. Almack


Last summer, 2012, I asked Patricia Miles of Inside & Outside Four Walls to help me with a couple of projects in my home.  The first project was to brighten the paint colour in my kitchen.  Patricia spent a good deal of time with me looking at paint colours in order to pick the one that would work well with the existing floor, cabinets, backsplash and counter.  Once we chose the colour, Patricia set to work quickly and efficiently to paint the specific area I had requested.  As the colour went up, I felt it was not quite what I had hoped for.  Patricia immediately pulled out some colour swatches and was very effective in suggesting changes to the new colour.  She went back to the paint store and had the paint “doctored” to make the colour change.  The result was wonderful and the colour turned out to be just the right choice.

I was so pleased that Patricia could use her expertise to help with the colour choices and to immediately amend that colour when it didn’t seem just right.  She then worked diligently to repaint the kitchen in a quick and efficient manner.

While waiting for paint to dry upstairs, Patricia used the time to apply water-proofing mixture to the walls in the basement.  Each area that she worked on was left immaculate during and after the process, which I really appreciated.

The second project involved dressing up my front steps at the entrance to the house and completing a matching retaining wall for the garden adjacent to the steps.  The existing wall to the left of the stairs had been installed several years before.  Although I was lucky enough to find the matching stone, weathering had changed the initial colour and this presented Patricia with a dilemma.  However, she used the new stone and partially dismantled the old stone wall, to mix and match.  The result was two stone walls on either side of the steps that looked identical.  Patricia was meticulous in ensuring the stability and even level of the wall.  Any left over materials were masterfully stacked and stored at the side of the property to be used at a later date.

The front concrete steps were worn and chipped and I was looking for advice on how to refresh them without great expense.  Patricia’s idea of an indoor outdoor carpet, matching the brick on the house and retaining wall was just what was needed.  She expertly installed the carpet and painted the railings to finish the project.

Patricia was a wonderful, creative resource for my projects.  She was flexible and dependable and worked tirelessly to completion.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Patricia to work on any home project, inside or out.  She has wonderful ideas and the ability to carry them out to perfection.  Her skill base is extraordinary and matched with her knowledge of form and style, make her the perfect combination of a visionary and contractor.

Retired Vice Principal


Patricia Miles did amazing job of my back yard, I had rented my place out for 5 years, you can imagine how overgrown my yard was!! She trimmed back the lilacs, and other bushes, artistically placed garden art around the yard, put in an inter-lock stone patio, and pea stone along a path through the grasses and bushes, moved river stone to accent the garden beds and put the mulch in place. She found the best prices for all these items.

Everything was completed in a timely manner as well. All the neighbours commented on how lovely the yard looked. I held a class reunion there in July and it was a lovely haven in the city. 

I know you can trust Patricia to do a great job.

Nurse Practitioner


June 2012


I live in a century home. For years, I have been unable to organize my home, from all the clutter. My paint colour and decorating attempts were unsuccessful. I had a long list of projects that I just wasn’t getting around to. I didn’t know how to begin. And I was also living rather frugally, and was cautious about spending money and making bad decisions.
Patricia used her creativity to make my home comfortable, organized and inviting. The house has a lot of charm, but needed a lot of work. Patricia helped me renovate my house from top to bottom. All of Patricia’s advice and her decisions were just right for me. Patricia found the right solutions.
All of the wood trim in my older home was painted a drab white. The stairs were painted red. The old aluminum siding was fading. Patricia put together a colour scheme for my whole house, inside and out, that suited the character of my home, suited my lifestyle and gave the house warmth and charm. The renovations included the kitchen and bathroom. Patricia helped me decide on the most important updates, that would make the most impact on my budget. She designed and chose all the elements from new custom built kitchen cupboards to the counter top, flooring, fixtures and colours. The final touch was the choice of decorative elements tastefully placed.
Patricia transformed my home room by room, inside and outside. Patricia was patient and perceptive as well as a really good listener. She provided design solutions that suited me, and were also within my budget, restoring pieces of my furniture and finding creative ways to display pieces that I already had. I have full trust in Patricia’s design direction and integrity. She is extremely good at what she does.

Patty’s sister….Susan

My sister Sue took a stroke 15 years ago. Her art room was becoming more cluttered and unmanageable, and she was unable to renovate her work space. She also needed inspiration to do her art again. Patricia determined her accessibility needs, and renovated Susan’s art room with functional and practical solutions. She worked within Susan’s budget and her design solutions suited her needs. My sister loves her new functional, organized and colourful art room.


Landscape Architect